Spring! Spring! Spring!… Why are you mad?????

Mum, don’t yell I should’t! Stop it!!!!! No, I know i am old and wise enough! STOP!

Now listen to ME!!! You say several times: spring! spring! spring! And than I do it, finally, because you repeat it so many times, so that I was concluding that I should do it! 

Why are you laughing? Laughing so hard!!! Stop laughing!!! STOP! And explain me this surrealistic behaviour! You are worse than a dale! 😦

What? A matter of language! You are joking!!! Sping! is very clear to me! It is a command to jump up! That is what I did, although I know very well it is forbidden to jump up to humans! 🙂

Stop laughing!!!! What??? Spring means in another language something else? It means: Lente! Now I see, lente is all these flowers we see, is it not?

Stay safe and healthy, you all!


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