Not possible… really not!!!

Mum, really, did you see that?

What, Kita, what?

No, you did not, I knew it! Just have a careful look at the française. You don’t notice it?

What should I notice?

Oh, my dogness, you really are silly! She went to the groomer-lady, with the golden hands… remember? Well, I think she did not only get a haircut!


I am sure she also got a tail-extension! Her tail is much longer than mine! 😦
I am the biggest lady here and my tail is shorter! Go figure!

You laugh? Take that pink ribbon you have, to measure things. Surprised? You see it! Her tail is 37 cm long and mine only about 29 cm. 😦

Next time I will be asking for a tail-extension too at the lady with the golden hands! Be sure! ❤

PS Pics are not too clear, I was too excited to keep my tail still! Was wagging all the time!
PPSS Mum measured in inches too… Her ribbon has two sides! 😉








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