Hey Feline… been to the beauty center too?

Dear Feline

It has been a long time since I saw you!  How are you doing? I think you are more than all right!! How do I know that?

Well, a few hours ago my mum called me and she said I should just have a look at the pictures. She asked if I realisd what I saw. Of course I saw immediatly it was my seaside and my beach in the picture. And that is me, I said! 😉

My mum laughed at me and said I should look again! And then I was a bit ashamed… 😦 only then I saw it was you, my sister of the same litter! Same doggie mum, same doggie dad! ❤

Mum told me you went to the same nice lady with the golden hands! That was the reason of my mistake, of course! You are very beautiful and ready for summer now! Yes, yes, I went there too! Love the nice lady. You too? I saw you got a present too! 🙂

Enjoy your new hairdo and enjoy summer! And give a big hug to your human mum too!

Big hugs

Kita van ’t Asbroek

PS Who is who in the picture? Real sisters!




  1. I love your webpage. We are an Airedale loving family on our third Airedale. Also of Flemish descent, my dad was born in Knokke. We stood on the beach at Knokke a few years ago. Your picture reminded me of that day. Thank you

    • Thank you!
      Nice to hear your father was born here and you were able to visit Knokke! We love our coast too! And of course our airedales. There is Kita but also Lizzie (a rescue).
      Greetings from Antwerp!

  2. Dear Kita,
    Nice hearing from you ! Indeed i also went to the gentle lady to get a new hairdo and very proud with the nice present too 😉 ! Big hugs are given 😘 Enjoy the summer and the beach and untill next time xxx

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