What? Come? … I come!

Mum, what signs do you make now? We are not in the huge dogpark! Lost your voice? Oooh, she points to the française and signs”no” and then the sign to come with her finger! Okay, get it. I have to come without waking up the snoring française. I have to come without the française? Okay, okay!! ❤ I am not stubborn today! 😉 ❤

Here I am! You close the door!! Yes, I understand now: we are going to make a toot, a phototoot. A special one! Then she is not allowed because she is not trained enough to toot, you understand. If mum says: you can inspect, I know I only can gently sniff… Sissie Lizzie starts jumping and biting, surely when the friend here is rather big! 😉

Mum, is this doggie going to stay? I suppose not… because the française can’t come! 😉 🙂
Yes mum, I like him very much! Oooh yes, this one is not yelling at me as the foxie from around the corner! I like this one. Think his new mum will be pleased with such a quiet sweetie! 😉 🙂 ❤

Show me the pics! And I show them to all my friends! ❤

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