Exciting news… for all dales and doggies and their humans too!

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Mum, did you see it? The exciting Van ’t Asbroek news? Yes? Me too, you know! Let’s tell about it! 🙂
I am very famous so I cannot stay away, don’t you think? 😉

For all my friends: yes I am famous all over the world! Not because I am doing shows or because I am winning prices! Oh no, that is for the rest of the family,  I am not in the show-business… Me, I am more in the cultural business, you know! I am in the writing-stories-business! ❤ And the stories are read in 125 countries!! Am I famous or not? 
What? You do not believe me? Next story I’ll show you, non-believer! 😉

So, this famous lady invites you! Yes, all dales Van ’t Asbroek (my family) and all other dales in Belgium and other near countries and all non-dale-doggies who want to come, are very welcome!!!

What for? A 2 hour-walk, in the maybe blossoming region
(for puppies and those who want: a shorter walk)
Place to be? Near Sint Truiden (Hondenschool Zuid-Limburg, Raasbeekstraat, Nieuwerkerken)
When? Sunday, 8 april 2018
Time: 14.00 h
Price: 5 euro per person, doggies are free!

(more information in the information down here!)

Mum, and what is exciting too? Yes, indeed, we are walking for a very good cause! We walk against cancer, for “Levensloop” Sint Truiden! Will there be many familymembers and other friends, mum?

I hope so too, Kita! I really do!


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