We are ready… are you?

On friday morning mum told me that me and the française would get our Christmas present already that very day! What? A chewy? Now already? No, I just have to wait?

Okay, we go in the car… for a christmas present? Well…

Sissie, I see it! Don’t you see where we are going? We are going to the beauty center? Oh yes, to the nice lady. Ohlala, the two of us the same day? That is fun!!! 🙂

We get out of the car and me too, just as the française, I pull on the leash to get in! I know, that is not lady-like, but the sooner we get in, the sooner the fun starts! 🙂

Bye mum, see you this evening! No, mum and dad can not stay but we can! 😉 We will be all ready for the holidays! Merry Christmas, guys!

PS At home, i ordered mum to make a toot… well, with that française, tooting is not easy… 😦 Hundred bloopers and a few good pics! Tired dales here now!

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