There is news… and there is news!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes I know, I do not write often enough… but that is because you always say you know everything at the Bridge! 😉
This time I write you… just in case you missed this news! 😉

Listen very carefully! I am no longer “the little one” in this household. Although mum says I will always be! As you said!

Anyway, there is another little one. Yes, she is smaller than I am (you were too, remember!) but she is also younger! She is one year old! And you would like to hear this: just as you she is a rescue! ❤
I couldn’t pronounce her name correctly! Mum and dad were a bit irritated, but in the end, they agreed (as very often, I get it my way, hahahaha) So, we call her Lizzie! It is a bit different from Lilly, but she likes it more! She comes instantly if you call her with Lizzie!
You see, mum and dad understand that I am the one knowing best concerning dales! 😉

My little sissie Lizzie is  a special one, with special manners! Grandpa, you would not believe your eyes! ‘La française’ is a real daddy’s girl! As you were daddy’s boy! Don’t be jealous, it is all right, we will NEVER forget you! ❤

It’s fun to have her here, but some moments I prefer to be an only dog, really, and than I act stubborn… Mum says that ladies know better than that, and maybe she is right, for one time… because I often forget to be grumpy and I’m the one challenging sissie Lizzie to play, hahaha! 

Grandpa, and there also is this: she took my bed! Yes, you burst out in laughter now… I know… I always took your bed… My turn? Mum says history repeats itself! 😉

I also send you some pics, just in case you don’t see her too well from high up there, at the Bridge! ❤

Big hugs and love ❤
Kita Van ’t Asbroek

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