(Very) early morning fun… happy girl!

Mum, really? This early? I’m still a bit sleepy! If I want to run off the leash? Of course! Why Would i not like to do so? Okay, okay, I see! That’s why we go this early to the beach in summertime! 😉

Oh yes! Place to run! Mum, look! There is Jazzy! That’s fun! What a long time, we did not see you! Great! let’s run and play! Jazzy, you go home? Already? 😦

Okay mum, I’m ready to toot my shadow! Will it be a nice fototoot, mum? Is my beautiful beard in the shadow-toot? Will we see that on the tv-typing-machine? 🙂

What do you say? We go home now? Ooooh! What? Breakfast? ❤ Here I am!!

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