A lady?… Pppfff, a b*****, mum says!

After a very long walk and nice run, with me behaving as a real lady, I thought it was time “om de puntjes op de i te zetten” (Dutch saying) = “to dot the i’s and cross the T’s” = to really show what I am: an airedale! 😉

Yes, I have this nice orthopedic bed. (I even have two: i got grandpa’s one too!) In mine, there always is this nice pink blanket. Yes, I am an airedale and… I like chewing! 😉

Mum was not pleased at all, she says I can act as a lady but I can act as a bitch too! 😦 I ended up without blanket. 😦
Listen mum, in case you forgot: I’m not a lab like my grandpa mister perfect, I am an airedale! 🙂 ❤

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