You asked where my boots are?!… Here, at my feet!

After our dangerous evening walk, lots of friends asked for my boots. Kita, and where are your boots, they asked. Well, here are the pics of my boots. 🙂

I did put them on for the running in the huge dogpark! There is still a lot of water! 😉 Although the weather is a bit better! My doggiefriends and their mums admired my boots too! They told their doggies that it was nice on me but they would not get those! Friends were jealous, go figure! Well, I’m the lady, the fashion-lady!

These boots are fashion spring 2016, my mum says! I like them. ❤ But mum is less enthousiastic than I am! 😦 But I told her not to worry: I’m the one wearing them, she does not have to! They are my boots! 😉



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