Another… family visit!

I really forgot to tell you this! My dogness, how could I forget that?

The weekend I went to the hairdresser’s, so with my very new look, we went on a family visit! To the human pup… they are working in their home and we were going to have a look at their very new and very beautiful kitchen. Mumd an dad and human pup and her husband got dinner as well… with a nice dessert! 🙂

We doggies got nothing, but we could play. Mum, did you see that? Shasta is allowed to jump up against people! Goofy (Berner Sennen) is really fun! He does not jump up! 😉 This sir has manners! 😉

We moved around a lot and pics are bizar… but in the end we were tired and we lay down… hahahaha! 😉

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