Finally… winter in the huge dogpark!

Mister Winter took his time, he really did… but there he is, mum says! Mister Winter brings -5° C in Antwerp.

No more water-business in the huge dogpark, oh no, grass is talking again when you walk on it and… I can run on the water… at least: most of the time. 😉
Sometimes the “glass” says kkkrrrrrkkkkrrrrr and then I go in the water! 🙂

I like those noises, I really do. Mum says I run and fly (!!) around as a “zotte mus”= a silly sparrow. Sometimes mum’s language is silly, yes, all her Dutch sayings… my dogness! I prefer the talking grass: grsstgrst and the kkkkkrrrrkkkkkrrrrr-glass!

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