Christmas at… Kita’s place… ;-)

Well, few days ago it was Christmas! And I have friends at the other side of the very big water, the water that is bigger than the sea! And those friends they were afraid I would not have my own Christmas tree! So they conspired with their mum and then… well, then arrived this package for Kita Moons!! Postman immediately knew it was me! I know him very well, our postman, we are big friends! ❤

Thank you very much friends from over the big water! Mum promised I could play with my new tree on Christmas-day, not before! She did as she promised! I got the Christmas monkey and run wit it to my little home! Safe and well! Safe???????
And for my friends at the other side of the very big water, mum made a video, a very long one! And pictures!!!!!!  Mum says they will understand within a few minutes why I cannot play with one of the trees she made. 😉 🙂

Have fun! 😉




    • Hey Babyrocketdog and Hootie! Happy 216! Must say mm was happy I did not squeek to much but she was not happy at all that I destroyed my present! 😦 Grandpa Lennox too always said I don’t eat to ladylike! 😉 Best wishes to you two and your mum and dad!! Hugs, Kita

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