This lady wants you to meet… CopyKita

The latest news in this house? There is a new familymember! My Copy, so I call her CopyKita! 🙂 She is friendly but she does not want to play. 😦

Mum, listen, she has not my colour! Not at all! That is not black and tan. Black is okay, but …
I know, Kita!

Mum, her eyes!! My eyes are bigger and more beautiful.
I know, Kita, I’ll find other ones for next CopyKita!

Think her tail is okay, yes, it is! She has a beard all right, that’s okay too! 
What, she can go in my little house? Why not? But not when I am at home! And what do you say? I only can play with CopyKita when you are watching? Why? Because of the fluf-stuff?! My dogness, she can sit on the couch? Oh, okay, only for the fototoot. 😉 That’s okay with me.

Think I like her! Yes! ❤

PS Mum says there are too many pics, I say I want to share them all! 😉

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