Romping around… Huge dogpark back in doggie-business!

YES! Music festivals are all over! Huge dogpark is again for doggies! So yesterday and this morning, we went there! Everything is back to normal, so all the friends come back to the park! 😉

This morning, quite early because mum and dad had an appointment with friends, I was in the romping-business! My friends of today? Three year old boxer Hanna (a cutie, mum says) 🙂  and eleven monts old Lex: one big bundle of energy! 🙂

Very far away, I found a ball and gave it to Hanna… Bit of a mistake… she did not give it back! Lex got a ball too… Okay, this lady ran after them trying to get a ball… Hahaha, we really had fun!

Mum tried to make pics and tried to film… hahaha… not easy: we were moving too fast. She has a lot of them though… I want to show them all to Hanna and Lex… and you of course! 😉
If you want to see our funny faces better, then you should click on the pics! 😉 Movie is in the end! 😉


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