See, sun and … walks…

This weekend we were at the seaside. Me and mum (yes, grandpa, I know!) and dad, we were at the seaside. Me and mum we made a lot of walks, very early in the morning. To avoid the crowd, mum says… Never met Crowd, at least I did not recognize him! 😉 But we met nice doggies, a lot of them… They also came very early in the morning. They don’t like Crowd neither, that’s what I think. 😉

We also found a new beast at the beach… but I could not touch it, mum said. Well, I even did not try! This lady knows when to obey: beast was bizar! 😦

And last but not least, we were fototooting my shadow, hihihi! Nice sits and treats, all for the shadows… 😉 Yes, mum, I agree: it’s quite fun on the beach, even at high tide and even without Crowd! 🙂

PS And… this lady was a bit embarrassed to meet a nice lab-sir, having my beard ful of sand… gggrrrr….

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