Mum was so proud of this… “sea-fool”!

As if mum does not have enough fototoots of me… 😉 This morning, she started it again! Fototoot she said! I know the procedure! As quicker as I obey, the faster I get my treats. So this morning I decided to coöperate from the beginning. Even with a very big smile! See pics. Okay I got my treat!

More? Okay. Yes, I will lie down. Mum said, I acted as a real proud lady. Then she called me to get the treat, I came to get it. And only then she saw why I was so alert and proud! After her back, at only a few meters, so real close, a big Rottweiler passed with his dad! Yes, I stayed down without mum knowing that and  warning all the time… Mum was so proud of me afterwards, ❤ I did not get up to say hello to the new friend! 😉 🙂
Bodylanguage in the pics is awesome, mum says. Don’t know what that means, but she smiles, so it must be good! 😉

Good girl, Kita!

This afternoon, we went in town, mum fototooted again! She says the name on the building could be my nickname: zeezot = sea-fool = fou de mer! My nickname??? Hers, yes!

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