Miss long legs goes… shopping

Saturday was a busy day! In the morning we went to the huge dogpark and the cracking water. In the afternoon we went shopping! Yes, yes, yes… That’s what a lady really likes, you know! Surely if we go to the shop of mum’s human pup! Oh yes!

It is a little bit far away, we go there by car. About 30 kms = 18,6 miles. You see, we can’t do that with our paws alone! Big “malchance” as the French say: we ended up in a traffic jam. 😦 But my dad he knows how to drive anywhere so we left the highway and took small streets and we got there! 🙂 Yihaa! Love my dad! ❤

So mum made a list of all the things we needed, at least: all the things this lady needs! My food: 2 different kinds that mum mixes and then she adds green beans too. But human pup does not sell beans! 😉
Than I need, or no, mum needs poop-bags, yes for my poop but I’m the one dropping, not cleaning up!
Nicest part: the treats! Lots of treats!
Lots of buffalo treats! 🙂
And chicken treats! Yes! 🙂
And long bully sticks!!! 🙂
And the nice dry snacks! 🙂
Oh, and two of those special teeth cleaning treats! 😉

Yes, mum, all this!!! What? Not all for today? This is for more than a month??? You must be kidding! What? I’m spoiled? You are kidding again!
No, I will not smile for the blinking thing. I’m near all those treats and I can not touch them! I will not smile! But I’ll cuddle with the human pup, she has all the treats in her shop, you see?!! 😉


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