Run free, my friend Endora!… Run free!

Dear Endora

Today is a very sad day, again! It is not enough that my grandpa Lennox and my grand-uncle Pol were crossing to the Rainbow Bridge in a few weeks time… No, today, you, my dear friend Endora made also your journey to the Bridge! 😦

Tell me, Endora, who is going to give me some good advice about fashion? You, as an aire-lady and aire-queen of bandana fashion, had such a good female eye for that! With years and years of experience… Because in June you celebrated your 12th birthday.
Dear Endora, and I still can’t swim… Got my plane-ticket not in time for some of your swimming lessons and for a good playtime. You keep an eye on me when I’m in the water, will you?

You were such a lovely lady and grandma to all of us! Dusty and Chef Mauricee, they will be sad too and, oh my dogness… there only will be men on those great pictures!

My grandpa Lennox explained me very often that life at the Bridge is as wonderful as here. And he was a wise men, so I believe him! So enjoy the marvellous times over there! And Endora, watch over your furry and human loved ones down here, they will miss you terribly!

Run free, aire-lady Endora, run free! ❤

Big, big hugs from Belgian Kita

PS 1: Did you take your queen-coach with you to tour around,  and some of all those nice Australian flowers too?
PS 2: Will you please say hello from me to my grandpa Lennox? Thank you so much!



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