Need a little problem… to try this out!

In the morning, coming from my little dogpark, we sometimes make a big tour to go home. Then we pass by this special building. No, not the building is special, but the windows are.

At first, mum did not notice. That happens. But this lady does! When we pass, there always is this other airelady. She is very friendly, although I barked at her the first time. Now, I know her, we say hello! 🙂 I do not bark anymore. Grandpa always said that barking is ‘not done’ by ladies!

On the window are white little drawings. They look like the black and very little drawings on the tv-typing-machine. Mum explained that these drawings tell things. She says the windows promise things… Solutions and health. Don’t understand these words… And I think mum does not really believe these windows. But I also think the windows are nice: there always is an airelady when I pass! That’s great, don’t you think so?

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